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Monday, 4 June 2012

Get married or die tryin

Every girls dream is to get married. But in today’s generation it seems to be quite hard. I do not know whether it’s the guys who are terrified or if getting married has now become old fashioned. But having just turned 22 and almost done with my studies. I feel that I’m ever so ready to settle down. I’m planning to migrate to the Middle East. My mum is trying to scare me off- telling me stories of girls getting rapped out there. But what choice do I have I can’t seem to find my future spouse - my friends tell me to be patient.

So I’m running out of options. One thing I will not do is ask my mum to find me a husband. I think it’s really embarrassing- For me anyway.

I just watched a documentary about young adults getting married to someone they hardly know. At first I was like what are they thinking, but then you realise that it’s quite fun and interesting marrying someone that you do not know that well. You’ll be having Halal dates with them but obviously being married. I think it’s quite sweet. 

I only agree one aspect of this doc- and that is getting married young. Enjoy!!!!

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